Introducing… Scrappy the Pig!

What would inspire the owner of Seely Homes to dress as a Pig amidst thousands of people for the weekend? In support of our community’s popular fall festival!

Scrappy the Pig

Our larger-than-life Pig steals the show!

Scrappy the Pig at Apple Scrapple

In the small town of Bridgeville, Delaware, where the Seely Homes’ office and showroom is located, an annual event called The Apple Scrapple Festival transforms the streets. What began as a local celebratory event promoting the town and two of its agricultural staples – apples and scrapple – has now grown to attract crowds of 20,000+. For those who don’t know, scrapple is a local breakfast meat derived from pigs and sold in blocks. Apple Scrapple features carnival rides, live entertainment, a car show, a craft show, many vendors selling all kinds of goods and services, and a variety of food options – most importantly apple dumplings and scrapple sandwiches.

With 2022 being the Apple Scrapple Festival’s 30th Anniversary, Seely Homes embraced the opportunity to participate and sponsor the event. We enjoyed a booth location in the heart of activity on Sponsorship Row adjacent to the Bandstand, and decided to get creative with attracting visitors.

Adrian Seely came up with the clever idea to dress as a pig, the natural mascot choice for this event, to draw more interest from passersby. The Seely Homes team set up a “Selfie Stop” with pumpkins, hay, and a beautiful Autumn backdrop featuring an apple basket for patrons to #PosewiththePig. As it turns out, the unofficial mascot was very popular!

Even dogs loved Scrappy the Pig
Kids loved Scrappy the Pig

Kids and adults alike stopped on the busy avenue to snap a photo with Adrian in the inflatable pig costume, and place an entry into a drawing to give the pig mascot a name. As one might expect, there were plenty of entries of existing famous and/or trademarked pig names; i.e. Porky, Piggy Wiggy, Hamm, but a couple of original names stood out above the rest: Squeely and Scrappy. After polling online followers, the official name of the Seely Homes’ Apple Scrapple Festival mascot is … Scrappy!

Scrappy certainly made an impactful debut, posing for pictures, boosting scrapple sandwich sales, putting smiles on faces, and even dancing in front of the bandstand. Keep an eye out for him next year!

Modern Farmhouse with Wrap-around Porch in Sussex County DelawareModern Farmhouse with Wrap-around Porch in Sussex County Delaware
Adams Garage Addition

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