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Seely Homes is a full-service Home Builder licensed and insured in the state of Delaware.  We are dedicated to making home ownership more achievable for individuals and families in Kent and Sussex Counties, Delaware.

Seely Homes, LLC is a husband and wife home-building team who is deeply rooted in the community, both raised and currently residing in Greenwood, Delaware. Our vision is to improve the lifestyle of families and individuals by building new homes, home-additions, detached garages in Sussex and Kent counties. With decades of combined experience in new home sales and construction, we strive to guide our clients through a proven, simplified approach in achieving their dreams of a better home. BETTER LIVING MADE SIMPLE.

You should be excited, not overwhelmed when considering a renovation project or building a new home. Let us be your support team, managing the entire process for YOU.

The Seely Family, Seely Homes, Greenwood, Del



The Seely's, Seely Homes, Delaware New Home Construction

As your General Contractor we will:

  • Partnered with experienced home designers, we will design a new home, home-addition, and garage with you that fits your requirements and budget.
  • Provide home pricing and guidance with financing options.
  • Prepare your homesite for construction and obtain necessary permits and approvals.
  • Manage the entire construction process; employ and schedule skilled trade partners, apply innovative and efficient use of materials, and effectively complete the project in a timely manner.
  • Provide a Home Warranty.
  • Celebrate with you once your dream home is realized!

We are committed to helping you create a wonderful place to call home. Just give us a call at (302) 470-5204 or click “Contact Us”.

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Custom Designed Home in Kent County

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Seely Homes vine design

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