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One of the most frequently asked questions builders receive from prospective buyers is “How long before you can start my new home?” While many factors impact when a builder can break ground, for Seely Homes, this process generally takes 3 to 6 months. One may wonder, “why does it take so long to start?” The reasons for this length of time can be broken down into 3 Phases of preparation before construction.

Phase 1: Home Design, involves selecting a home plan to be built. Seely Homes has several original home designs to fit the various needs of prospective homeowners. All of these plans, in addition to any plans clients bring in, can be modified to create a unique home custom-built to your specifications. Once a plan is chosen, clients work with the sales team to make detailed selections of both the exterior and interior features of their future home. After the selections and home plan design are finalized, a contract price proposal is established for the client to evaluate whether to move forward with the project.

Phase 2: Home Financing. For most buyers, funding a newly built home will require a construction loan to finance the project. The Seely Homes staff can offer assistance in selecting the right lender for your needs. To qualify, construction loan lenders will require the finalized home plan and the proposed contract price for the total cost of the home. The lender will then review the plan, contract proposal, and the buyer’s personal finances to approve the loan prior to the start of construction. The loan approval process often takes 30-60+ days. Once the home is complete, the loan converts to a long-term mortgage.

Phase 3: Homesite Preparation. Ideally, prospective buyers will own a plot of land they wish to build on. Typically, these plots of land will require some prep-work before Seely Homes can begin construction. This prep-work includes everything from applying for and receiving a number of permits, including entrance, septic, and building permits, to tree-clearing and excavation of the lot. Seely Homes has the resources and ability to handle all the site prep if you choose. Once the homesite is cleared and ready, Seely Homes can break ground on the new home!

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